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"An excellent application of CERAKOTE® by an excellent Applicator - War Eagle Labs"

Sam Bacon from Magnolia, MS, United States

"I absolutely love the life that has been brought to my knife by the CERAKOTE®. Michael at War Eagle Labs did an outstanding job. There's not a scratch or blemish on it. I recommend going through War Eagle Labs for all your CERAKOTE® needs."

Bryni from Tylertown, MS, United States

"The CERAKOTE® application on the Glock 19 was excellent. I am very pleased with the work done by War Eagle Labs.
I highly recommend that you check them out."

John Simmons from Tylertown, MS, United States

"My pie servers turned out beautifully. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the work."

Sammie from Tylertown, MS, United States

"I wanted a special something in memory of Brittney Mitchell and her fight. A tattoo wasn't what I was looking for. I had an image in my mind and Michael at War Eagle Labs made it happen. YALL! He listened to my wants, even giving a nod to her love of lime green and he delivered!

#teambrit #smile #MamasGirl #DaddysLilLady #fightlikeagirl #Ruger #Cerakote #hcctactical"

Ruby Fish from Tylertown, MS, United States

"I had an idea of what I wanted and War Eagle Labs took it from there.

I am very picky when it guns to my firearms and I couldn't be happier with the results!!!! I am in the process of having more done."

Charles Galdino from Summit, , United States

"I brought my OTF over to the guys at War Eagle, it had been well used and was beat up pretty good. Just told them to surprise me, have no idea how they figured out orange was one of my favorite colors. The knife looks even better than it did when it was brand new!"

Gerald from Hattisburg, MS, United States

"I got my son’s Polaris 110 coated and the pure chaotic and colorful mess that came back was beyond our expectations. It looked so awesome and seems like great detail was taken to finish it. I will definitely be a repeat customer for years to come. 10/10 for quality and customer service!"

A. Kaylyn from Augusta, GA, United States

"It was impossible for us to find a girl model ATV for my daughter so we ended up buying her the boy model, they only had two left. We just happened to run into Michael at Lowe’s with his kids on the spray paint aisle (yes we were gonna paint it pink and purple with spray paint). We got to chatting and he offered us a much better solution…. Our lil girl got an awesome birthday present just like she wanted. Can’t say enough!!!"

Courtney from Kentwood, LA, United States

"I had the Multicam CERAKOTE® put on my U.A.N.V.M. TANTO and it looks wonderful.

I am very happy with how the pattern turned out and it looks very clean."

Phoenix from Columbus , OH, United States

"The coating on the pods is the best I have ever seen great work guys.

I appreciate the craftsmanship and the professionalism keep it up will use it again"

Samuel Hamons from Frisco, TX, United States

"I wanted my FAST SF Carbon helmet to stand out amongst all the other bending sported by my fellow goons…… the helmet came out great and more than met my expectations! Looks like it’s straight from the factory this way."

Malcom from Kentwood, LA, United States

"Mike did an amazing job hydro-dipping and coating my gun with CERAKOTE®!

Also, his customer support team was very quick to respond to my inquiry when I first contacted them!"

Jacob Robbins from Baton Riuge, LA, United States

"I am so pleased with the way my coffee mug turned out!!! The colors were just what I wanted. The writing on my cup was perfect! I could not have asked for better service. War Eagle Labs listened to what I wanted and delivered. Thank you War Eagle Labs !!!!!"

Rita Sorrow from Tylertown, MS, United States

"Absolutely love how it turned out! Maybe my Husband will stop loosing his phone...."

Christina from Evansville, IN, United States

"We needed some special patterns to run with NVG testing to minimize signature reduction. WEL sent us over a test panel and it worked great; we will be getting some specialized gear outfitted in this offering."

Shawn from Virginia Beach, , United States

"I got this little pocket knife for Christmas from a family member, was just a solid silver. I asked the team over at War Eagle to make it ‘pretty’ but not ‘too girly’…… got just that!!! Thanks a ton."

K. Rowland from Augusta, GA, United States

"Had this paired with some rims they did for us…. It’s exactly the amount of flair I wanted to add!"

C. Barnes from BR, LA, United States

"This thing turned out absolutley amazing....... there are no better words! I will be back with more projects for these guys!"

Tyler from Destin, FL, United States

"I sent my nods in for some Cerakote work. My experience was more than favorable! This business raises the bar in regards to the standard for good communication, quality of work, and turnaround time. Michael at HCC had also gone a few extra miles to ensure that my investment was squared away, and exemplified the concept of one returning something in better condition than one received it. I will 100% be back for more business, and will also post the products of his labor on social media for all to admire. I can’t recommend this service enough!"

Tomm Venable from DFW, TX, United States

"War Eagle Labs did an awesome job on my 9422.  I am very well pleased and will be sending them a lot more business.  Thank you so much!!!"

Terry Lee Edwards, Columbia MS

"Michael at HCC did camouflage cerakote work on my Nocturn Industries Bat Pack, and I can’t stop showing it off to people! Im very satisfied with the results, and I have several other projects that I’ll eventually send his way."

Tomm Venable from United States

"Excellent work with neat application. Great turnaround time and customer service. The color match was great."

Katie Garner from Kellogg, ID, United States

"Sent these worn and rusty brake backing plates to War Eagle Labs. They welded up the grooves worn in the plates by the brake shoes. The gloss black powder coat is awesome. Great work guys!"

Richard Lawson from Baton Rouge, LA, United States

"My steel-fabricated Outdoor Grill Firebox Door showed unsightly rust spots after being subjected to deep south humidity exposure for 9 years... Took the door/frame over to War Eagle Labs and they allowed me to have it sandblasted and returned to them... They then powder-coated the same and it came out absolutely perfect... The door was hanging on the frame and they adjusted that too even though it wasn't in their scope of work... Super Quick Turnaround (3 days) and I had it reinstalled the same weekend... The pricing of this work was very fair... Again, Very Satisfied Customer and Highly Recommend War Eagle Labs..!!!"

R Lyon from Magnolia, MS, United States

"My car silhouette was power coated black and I wanted it the same color of my car. War Eagle Labs did an awesome job of powder coating it Ford Dark Blue. Thanks Guys!"

Jacob Strickland from Mobile, AL, United States

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