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Veteran Owned and Proud!!

We are proud to be among those who served our country; some with sweat and tears, some with family hardships, and some with their lives.

We operate our company with the same values instilled in us from the Military and take great pride in our work and the services we offer; with the attention to detail offered by our Certified Applicators we can ensure you that you will be happy with your project.


I want War Eagle Labs to become a one-stop shop for our customers; a place where they can get the highest quality  product customization at a price that makes sense. The unique blend of coating services we offer will allow us to merge the application processes to provide a unique level of style and protection for any project.

If your going to do something, do it right....

Michael Simmons, CEO

War Eagle Labs / HCC Tactical

Different Folks, Different Strokes, and Different Coats....

We recognize that no one project will ever be the same; people have different taste in what they like but also different applications in which they need to use their project.  We offer a wide application of coating services to ensure we can meet your needs no matter the project; we offer CERAKOTE®, Hydrographics, Powder Coating, and Parkerizing. In many cases we will combine different technologies together to achieve the desired results of what works best for each individual component of the project based on its required use and the environment it needs to perform in.


There is not a project out there that cannot be Coated or Dipped with one of the coating application processes (or combination of) that we offer. Please reach out to us and let one of our Certified Applicators walk with you on your journey; let us take your next project from a dream to reality.

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