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Transparent Texture

Application Type


  • Hydrographics

CERAKOTE® Colors Used (3)

  • Sangria

  • Matte Ceramic Clear

  • Graphite Black

Hydrographics Film Used (2)

  • Foxy Lady with white base coat

  • Sport Carbon

Color Details

  • Click on swatches below for more info

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 13.39.14.png
Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 18.04.17.png
Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 18.02.16.png


Made Our Little Girls Day!!
Courtney from Kentwood, LA, United States

"It was impossible for us to find a girl model ATV for my daughter so we ended up buying her the boy model, they only had two left. We just happened to run into Michael at Lowe’s with his kids on the spray paint aisle (yes we were gonna paint it pink and purple with spray paint). We got to chatting and he offered us a much better solution…. Our lil girl got an awesome birthday present just like she wanted. Can’t say enough!!!"

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